Write a Tip Article-The Easiest and Most Well Received to Market your Book

Write a Tip Article-The Easiest and Most Well Received to Market your Book Do you look for useful, original tips on web sites? Do you subscribe to ezines to get these tips? You and millions of others.So, when you decided to market your print or eBook, look toward advanced article marketing. You write short articles and tips to submit to high-traffic web sites to get to your audience. Take information from a longer how to article or from your self-help book chapters. You have hundreds of these in your files and folders too.Tip articles are great because they take the shortest time to write, are so useful, and people love them. How to Write Tip Articles-Four Steps 1. Name your tip. “The # One Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic.” Be sure to include key words the search engines love so you’ll get a higher ranked web page. Key words also hook your readers to keep going. And, use all through your article your list of 10 best key words and phrases you think people will Google for information like yours. Naturally they must fit the article. 2.


Write your command such as “do this.” For example “Write and submit articles to high-traffic web sites and article directories.”3. Share the benefits for doing it or consequences from not doing it.When you send dozens of articles to thousands of web sites, you receive a much higher Google rating for your web site, you gain subscribers for your ezine, and you become known as the savvy expert people trust and will eventually buy from. If you don’t market with articles you stay unknown and so does your Web site and what you sell. You stagnate.4. Solutions to the challenge. Include web sites or books (not yours) where reader can get more information. Google article marketing or other phrases that will take you to web sites where you can learn from mentors. Read how to books, including mistakes and solutions for article marketers as well as how to submit your articles to high-traffic web sites and article directories. Multiply your article marketing to top results. Take one article of 10 tips; write another one of 7 tips; then 3 tips; finally one tip. And, your tips will take less than 20 minutes to write. Leveraging one article to many puts profits in your bank account.