Why are Kipling handbags so popular?

Kipling handbags are sold all over the world. They are both beautiful and classy. Kipling bags are popular and in demand because they never compromise on quality. Kipling has thousands of stores all over the world and keeps expanding. Kipling purses are stylish and trendy. One will understand why they are so popular after reading customer reviews and blogs and visiting the Web sites that sell Kipling products.

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling

Kipling began by making backpacks in the UK, in 1987. According to Therapy Clothing Company, an authorized retailer, the name Kipling was inspired by Rudyard Kipling the author of the famous story, “The Jungle Book”. They now carry luggage, messenger, school and laptop bags along with their handbags. The well-known Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson from the group called “The Black Eyed Peas,” designed a line of Kipling bags. Kipling is a choice among celebrities and been featured in many current films.

Monkey Logo and Mascot


All Kipling purses carry a monkey logo and have monkey key rings with the Kipling mascot, a small furry monkey attached to each of the purses. Each Kipling monkey is named after an employee from somewhere in the world. For a list of monkey names, you can visit the UK Web store called Therapy Clothing Company. According to this Web site over forty million people own at least one Kipling product.

Large Selections

Kipling offers a large selection of totally versatile stylish purses. The Kipling collection includes Minibags, Basic solid, IF print, Vintage Nylon, Vintage Leather, G*Rilla Girls, and City. The Kipling collection is durable, functional, fashionable and practical. Of course each collection comes with its own unique furry monkey on a keychain. All of these collections are beautiful with brilliant colours.

Practical plus Stylish

The bags have zipped main compartments and extra zipped pockets on the front. The adjustable shoulder straps can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. They are comfortable yet stylish. The outside pockets on the Kipling handbags give easy access to cell phones, lip gloss, keys, sunglasses or anything you might want to carry in them. They are small but roomy, all of your valuable possessions will be organized and easy to find.

So why are Kipling products so popular and in demand? Besides having the cute monkey keychain mascot and logo on all of them, customers have many choices they can choose from a large collection of high quality, practical, stylish and functional Kipling products. Kipling products are popular and in demand because Kipling never compromises on quality.