Who is David F. Kyte?

Millions of people especially men – are obsessed with cars. This obsession can be traced when they converse with other people. Many of them safe keep a collection – from real cars to limited edition miniature cars to posters and the likes. At the moment we will be acquainted with a man who is neither a collector nor a fanatic with these but he has a valuable contribution with regards to automobile art.

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David F. Kyte, Who is David F. Kyte? Articles is a graphic designer, automotive painter and artist living in Detroit Michigan. He is the man behind the marvelous “The Caterham Super Seven Painting ”.

In The art of David F. Kyte, it was revealed that even though David’s background is formal training and years of experience in computer graphics, he still resorts to pens and brushes when the need arises. These images were sent in to DTG back in 1997, and show a wide spectrum of interest. Today however, David has focused on Auto art which he sells at his web site. David admits that more and more of the his artwork is done on a Macintosh computer, however he still holds to the belief that computer art should not look like it is done on the computer.

Automobiles are complex subject and it can tend to look very strange if not drawn correctly. No matter how good you are in drawing, it is hard to draw automobile without any reference. Kyte’s secret is using photos. “ I do have a large collection of photos I have taken over the years plus lots of books on automotive and racing subjects, these come very handy when I start a painting. I do a lot of photographing of cars but my photos have been relegated to reference for future paintings. This is the advantage of being a painter, something that is not exactly what I want in the actual scene does not mater, I will make what I want when I do the painting”, he disclosed