Understanding The Life of a Dispensary Budtender

Another important job of the budtender is to ensure that their dispensary stays compliant. For example, the budtender should make sure that the mandated operating hours are followed. A budtender should also make sure that the set-up of the dispensary itself is in accordance with health inspection and fire safety standards.

In addition, the budtender should also make sure that patient identification cards are checked. The marijuana itself has to be accounted for from seed to sale so that the weed would never be sold illegally through an underground market.







Budtenders should have a comprehensive knowledge of cannabis products and state legislation. They should be able to identify strains and differentiate them from one another. A budtender should also be knowledgeable about concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and others so they can best recommend the best product to a patient.
Certification, Education & Training

The cannabis industry is constantly changing so budtenders should keep themselves updated with new developments in the industry. Continuing education is also a must for every budtender to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest in medical science.

To keep themselves informed about the latest in the industry, budtenders should consider attending certification programs as well as enroll in education/training courses.


Budtenders earn by the hour although the pay is commensurate to experience. Most dispensaries allow customers and patients to tip their budtenders. Aside from that, they also get some perks. For instance, some dispensaries provide budtenders with access to discounted marijuana. Promotion to head budtender or manager will mean a higher pay.