Top 3 Display Fixtures for Pet Stores

Aside from the fact that they sell pets, pet stores aren’t that much different from any other kind of retail store. Pet stores sell plenty of other kinds of merchandise – merchandise that needs display fixtures – and below are the top three display fixtures that every pet store can use.1. Clear Plastic ContainersIf you’ve spent any amount of time at all in the retail business, you’re probably already well aware of how useful clear plastic containers are. These containers are sturdy and durable, available in numerous shapes, sizes, and styles, and can be used as both display tools and storage tools. You can use clear plastic containers to organize and display small pet toys, sample packs of pet food or treats, and even collars, rolled up leashes, or cute “hair accessories” for pets! Note that clear isn’t your only option when it comes to plastic containers – you can find them in a wide variety of colors that are translucent enough to allow you and your customers to easily see what’s inside. Colored plastic containers are great ways to spice up your merchandise displays or organize the merchandise you’re display. 2. Acrylic Gravity BinsIf you’re not quite sure what

acrylic gravity bins are, think of the kinds of bins you see attached to counter tops and walls that hold food merchandise like dry cereal, coffee, and treats like trail mix or peanuts. Acrylic gravity bins are excellent display fixtures for pet stores for the same reasons they’re great for other kinds of stores that sell edible merchandise – they present attractive and convenient solutions for display edible items while keeping them fresh and safe from dust and other debris.You can use acrylic gravity bins in your pet store to display and keep fresh products like small dog or cat treats, bird feed, or food pellets for hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Note that if you choose to do this, of course, you need to also provide some sort of container or baggie so your customers can transfer the food or treats from the bin to the checkout counter, and from the checkout counter to their homes!3. Display RacksYou’re probably not at all surprised to see display racks listed as one of the top three display fixtures for pet stores – or any kind of store, for that matter. Unless your store is full of table and counter tops (which would make things a bit awkward for your customers!), you need fixtures on which you can situate your merchandise. Display racks are perfect.There are many different kinds of display racks you can choose from for your merchandise displays, and the kinds you choose will depend largely on the amount of display space you have to work with, the kind of merchandise you want to display, and the overall decor or theme of your store. You can find traditional stationary convenience store racks with shelves, fixed-position wire display racks with shelves or with mesh containers, fixed-position or rotating bucket racks, and even wooden display racks with baskets.