Thinking of Becoming a Wedding Photographer?

In order to become a wedding photographer, you will need photography experience, a portfolio of your work, a computer, and good camera equipment.

Some wedding photographers have formal photography training and others do not. Many wedding photographers begin their careers by attending an art school or getting training in photography. After that, a wedding photographer may get experience by assisting other photographers. Eventually, an assistant will branch out and begin his or her own business. Other photographers may work a day job during the week and work as a wedding photographer on the weekends simply because they love the business. Yet others who have an innate artistic talent may begin their business by photographing friend’s weddings. Eventually, their business may begin to expand beyond friends and family.
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Taking wedding photos begins long before the big day. A photographer will usually meet with the bride and groom many months in advance of the ceremony. During this initial meeting, photographers discuss their experience, as well as their portfolio packages. Some photographers take engagement photographs which can be sent to family and friends or published in the local newspaper.

A photographer should also have a written contract. A contract will specify the terms of the contract so that the couple knows exactly what services to expect for the price that they have been quoted.

As the big day draws closer, the photographer will be in close contact with the couple. The photographer usually will make an appointment to see the church or facility where the ceremony will be taking place and the facility where the reception will take place. This is important because a photograher needs to know where to set up equipment in the facility. A photographer will also need to assess the lighting in the facility to see what type of equipment will be necessary.

After the event, a photographer will develop the photos and use computer programs to re-touch the photos or to create speciall effects. After that, the photographer may meet in person with the couple to go over photographs, or he may send files to them using a computer.

It takes a very special person to become a wedding photographer. A wedding photographer needs to be artistically inclined, yet he or she also needs to have a bit of business sense. A photographer also needs to have good communication skills and should be able to deal with stressful situations with tact and grace. Overall, a wedding photographer needs to be a people person who really enjoys being around people and socializing.