The Must Have Features of Enterprise App Stores

The rise in the adoption of the BYOD (bring your own device) policy in organizations worldwide has led to the subsequent boom in the enterprise app store. The enterprise application store is a place from where mobile apps are privately downloaded by an organization’s workforce and put to use for mobilization of the company’s services and products. This is the reason why downloading software from an enterprise app store must be an enjoyable and yet secure process. To ensure this, listed below are some features that every enterprise app store must have:

1. Limited access – Every enterprise application store should be designed in such a way as to provide access to a specific number of people. Only this group of authorized personnel should be allowed to download and install the mobile applications featured in the enterprise app store. For example, if a sales or marketing app is available at the enterprise app store, it should not be accessible to members of the HR department of a company.

2. Improved security methods – Enhanced security features should be made available to the workforce who enjoys the privilege of downloading and using the mobile applications featured at enterprise app stores. Every app download made from the store should be passed via secure VPN channels; if the network connection is identified as being unsecure, downloading of apps should be stopped immediately. The standards of security imposed at enterprise app stores should be of such a level as will alert the organization of sources of trouble, both external and internal. Once the security attack is identified, the enterprise should also be able to successfully prevent similar future attacks.

3. Registration of mobile devices should be made mandatory – In an effort to raise the security standards of enterprise app stores, every organization should create and regularly update a database where the mobile device details of the workforce allowed access to enterprise app stores are listed. The reason why this registration process should be made compulsory is because of the fact that it will henceforth become easier for assigning mobile application downloading privileges to specific groups of employees, thereby helping raise the standard of security. It will also enable easy tracking of employees not adhering to guidelines laid down by the enterprise app store.

4. Compatibility with multiple OS platforms – Cross platform compatibility is one of the most important features that an enterprise app store must show. This will enable the store to cater to all the mobile systems in existence in the current market. The ideal enterprise app store is one which allows employees to download software via both mobile web browsers and enterprise app marketplaces, with support of the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone platforms..

5. Ability to send app notifications – The administrative department of an enterprise app store must be allowed permission to send users regular push notifications on mobile app updates, security patches, etc. The reason why a good enterprise app store must be able to support over the air updates and OTAs is because of the fact that these features allow sending of updates to the target audience’s mobile devices in a cost and time effective manner.

The above five are the most essential features that a modern enterprise app store must take note of for smooth operation and effective performance.