Swing Sets and All Their Options

Whether you have a small or a large backyard you should take a look at the outdoor swing sets that are on the market today. The size doesn’t really matter because there are so many choices in terms of the design when it comes to swing sets. Structures can be small or large, with or without forts, and they can have multiple slides. With these great playsets, the choices are endless. It would be amazing for your children to have their very own playsets in the backyard. Parents can enjoy the benefits of children playing in their own backyard as well. Safety is one of the many reasons why having playsets in your yard are to your benefit. Playing at the local park can be dangerous if the playground equipment has not been inspected annually or monthly. There is a peace of mind when kids are playing in their own backyard. However, you have to remember they must follow the safety rules and have adult supervision at all times.


Do you often wonder what features you should look for when selecting swing sets? First and foremost, the units frame work needs to be sturdy. Swing-N-Slide recommends corner posts should be at least 4″x4″s and swings should be hung off a 4″x6″ (or two laminated 2″x6″s) beam. You should also consider the space you have available in your yard. This is often referred to as the “Minimum Use Zone”. The “Minimum Use Zone,” that Swing-N-Slide recommends you have, encompasses the space required by the swing set, as well as the recommended clearance space around the set to ensure the safest possible play area. A swing set should also offer challenges that allow for your children’s growth and development for years to come. Outdoor play promotes the physical, imaginative, social and cognitive development of your children. Swing-N-Slide’s commitment to safety and quality has been the cornerstone of its program to provide children and their families with the safest, most reliable play sets available in the market. With the development of do-it-yourself kits, Swing-N-Slide provides the customer unparalleled value and the unique opportunity to tailor their playsets to fit their family’s needs and budget.