Seven Kinds of Baby Picture Frames that Every Parent Will Love

If you have a baby in your life,Seven Kinds of Baby Picture Frames that Every Parent Will Love Articles whether yours or someone else’s, you know how many baby pictures are taken and deserved to be framed.  But with so many kinds of baby picture frames, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to find just the right frame.To help you decide what type of baby frame is best for you, here are the top seven most popular types of baby frames. They are not listed in any type of order so you can decide which baby picture frame is your favorite.1.  First Year Baby Photo Frames are designed for just that – to capture a baby’s first year of life. Usually designed to hold a wallet size picture for each month of a baby’s first year, these baby photo frames are a cherished keepsake. If you have larger baby pictures to display, you can create your own first year baby photo frame by using a mat with openings cut to the size of your pictures.2.  Baby Sonogram Frames are a terrific way to display a sonogram and the first image of your baby. Sonograms have become commonplace and are a treasured part of a couple’s transition into parenthood. Every time the couple sees the sonogram displayed in the frame they’ll feel some of the same excitement that they felt the first time the saw the sonogram of the baby.

However, baby sonogram frames can outlive their usefulness quickly. Once the baby is born, the sonogram frame is often replaced with a frame that can hold both the sonogram image and a baby photo.3.  Decorative Baby Picture Frames are the most common frames for displaying baby pictures. Baby picture frames are decorated with images of all types of baby things like rattles, bottles and teddy bears to name just a few. You can even find adorable baby frames in shapes like butterflies, barns, trucks and trains. Often these unique shapes are handmade solid pewter picture frames and are often colorfully decorated with enamel. These type of baby picture frames come in a huge selection of styles, colors, finishes and sizes and usually have easel back stands for a tabletop display.4.  Baby Hospital Bracelet Frames are a unique and clever way to display a hospital ID bracelet and is sure to be another cherished item of many parents. The baby bracelet frame has a small narrow space for the bracelet and a place to hold the baby’s first picture.5.  Baby Footprint Frames are a popular way to remember how tiny your baby was at birth or to remember the adorable size of their hands or feet. With an ink print or mold of your baby’s hand print or footprint you will remember those first precious days with a baby footprint frame. Baby footprint frames can be displayed on a table or hung on a wall but always double check the back of the frame to be sure what type of hardware it includes. Be aware that you will need to exercise patience when working with molds or ink prints because some can be messy and require extra time to get a good mold or ink print. 6.  Shadow Box Frames are a wonderful way to display your baby keepsakes, like a special spoon, the hospital bracelet, rattles, outfits, bibs or pictures. A shadow box frame is a wonderful way to showcase all of your adorable baby items all in one place and help keep them protected. Whether for yourself or to share with others, a baby shadow box frame will be a safe and secure place to hold those cherished baby memories7.  Engraved Keepsake Frames make a beautiful baby gift or the perfect choice for a favorite baby picture of your own. They are usually made out of precious metals, like sterling silver, silver plate and pewter and allow you to memorialize the happy event by engraving your baby’s name, birth date, weight and length. Although the baby’s name, birthday, weight and length are most common to engrave, you can engrave anything you want on the frame as long as it will fit. With an engraved baby keepsake frame, it becomes a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation.Now that you know the most popular types of baby frames, you can feel confident choosing the right baby frame to showcase your little bundle of joy.