Resume Tips : Need to Remember

One should have a strong and effectual resume which would help one to get a job of one’s own choice. We all surf through several websites which guide us in writing a resume in a concise manner. Let us discuss about making our resume more attractive and catchy which would attract the employers and give us a good job with a good remuneration.

The important resume tips which one should follow in order to get a good job:

1. Each and every employer comes to know about the goal of his job applicant through his writing a resume. Some people write their resume in such a way that they are impatiently looking for the job. So the true objective of a resume should be to seek an interview and if an interview is cleared successfully would give you a good job.

2. One should mention one’s qualities and strengths in a disciplined manner such that they must relate to the real life work experiences .There should be no exaggeration in mentioning one’s qualities and strengths.

3. Resume must not have too much of pronouns, conjunctions ,phrases, Jargons and slangs.Always avoid use of ‘I’ at the beginning before mentioning qualifications, achievements and strengths.

4. One should mention one’s professional achievements instead of responsibilities which always sound irritating and cumbersome.

5. It is not necessary to list all the experiences. The listing of experiences also varies for which position one is applying for. For normal position there should only be two headings under which could be four to six sub headings. When one applies for the post of CEO or Manager One can have five headings.

6. Bulleted points or numbering should be used whenever it’s required. But the resume should be numbered or bulleted in such a systematic and Symmetry manner.

7. One should always use Mr. and Ms Gender representing abbreviations wherever necessary.