Rajasthan Tourism

Introduction Rajasthan is the ‘Land of Celebration’. The fairy-tale forts and palaces across its golden sands conjure up endless fascinating images of chivalrous kings, beautiful princesses and lavish darbars. The mark of royalty is all-pervasive in this desert land and is seen not only on the vivid frescoes and murals of the palaces but also in the pomp and pageantry of the brightly dressed people.

Life Style of Rajasthan Although vast areas of Rajasthan are tones of beige and brown, its people dress up most colorfully, making up for the lack of a colorful landscape. Not only the multi-hued costumes of the people, but also the richly carved mansions, gaily decorated livestock and the bustling bazaars selling fabulous wares all splashes of color. In a land where social customs are still governed by age-old traditions, it is only natural to see women in swirling skirts who spontaneously pull the veil or ghunghat over their faces at the sight of a man. The village women adorn themselves with heavy silver jewellery around the ankles, waist, neck and the wrist or dangling from the ears, nose and hair.


Heritage of Rajasthan Many of these ethnic ornaments have now become a craze among the urban elite, both at home and abroad. The rich heritage of Rajasthan manifests itself in the latticed havelis, ornate palaces and intricately carved temples, some of them dating back to the 7th century. The true-to-life images and architectural complexity of the buildings speak volumes about the skill and dexterity of the artisans. The spirit of romance, valour and faith is quintessential to Rajasthan and is delicately yet inseparably blended in its art, culture and hauntingly addictive music and dance.

Festivals of Rajasthan Rajasthan’s tradition can be captured at its festive best at the fairs and festivals, which are dazzlingly theatrical and lively. In fact, anytime of the year is festival time in Rajasthan. The festivities are marked by folk dances and music played on a variety of locally made instruments. All the fairs and festivals are widely attended by people from all walks of life.

Museums of Rajasthan The museums of Rajasthan give an overview of the traditional, cultural, art and handicrafts, and important historical events of Rajasthan in an encapsulated way. However, Rajasthan museums are based on the collections of various themes like findings from the excavation with specific sections like archaeological museum, sculptural museum, epigraphy museum, science and technology museum, folklore museum, government museums etc.