Nokia 6700 Slide – Released on Pay Monthly Deals

Nokia, the global leader in developing brilliant mobile phones brings another mega handset for their valuable customers, known as 6700 Slide. The previous Classic version of Nokia 6700 is quiet popular over the market and now the company wants to capitalize it in Slider version. This mid-range mobile phone comes in six vivid colours, so that user can choose it according to their life style.

The new Nokia 6700 Slide is fully loaded with S60 platform while the earlier version has another platform. This is the big difference between them. By including S60 platform in the Slider phone makes it much more powerful & capable of expanding its limits. The outer casing of this phone is just brilliant and gives it full marks in the designing segment. Availability of 6700 Slide in different colours expands the user’s choices and gives flexibility to get it according to their personality.

If we are talking about the technologies used while developing this most popular mobile phone of Nokia, then we say that it is equipped with all the latest technologies & applications which improve its overall functionality. Since, 6700 Slider phone is capable of delivering high-speed data transfer therefore it’s a best example of 3G phone. Basically, it’s a 3.5G mobile device and supports high-speed internet over mobile phone while downloading & uploading process. The phone supports up to 10.2 Mbps of downloading speed & 2 Mbps of uploading which is quiet better than our expectations.

Nokia 6700 Slide is the perfect multimedia mobile phone, enriched with useful applications including latest version of music & video players. The players installed on this latest Nokia phone supports almost all media files and produces brilliant sound effects & output. A decent FM radio which is capable of covering large range of air channels has been incorporated on this handset. If user wants to listen to their favourite tracks in brilliant sound then use its 2.5mm head-phone jack.

Finally, this latest device of Nokia definitely creates curiosity in between mobile users, since an outstanding quality of 5 MP camera is also included on the back panel of this handset. Make this gorgeous handset yours, since most of the online shops of UK offers best pay monthly deals on 6700 Slide. User may compare contract deals on new Nokia 6700 Slide according to the needed tariff and monthly rental. The popular networks of UK offer this mobile phone at very affordable rates & price plans.