Mowing The Lawn – Do It The Correct Way

Without mowing the lawn, a beautifully manicured yard can easily turn into an overgrown forest. Ignoring the proper techniques according to the type of grass you possess can also lead to damaging problems that are be rather difficult to hide. As you approach the task of lawn mowing, there are a couple of factors to consider, which can either make or break the appearance of your grass and overall presentation of the yard.

Debating Height

As a rule of thumb, grass generally responds best when selecting one of the higher lawnmower settings, especially during a heat-filled summer day. If the blade is set too low, scalping is often the result, which is highly undesirable. When the blade is set too low, a gouging of the soil may occur, which pulls up the grass and in particular, turf that is dry and straw-colored.

If you find yourself falling behind the growth of your lawn, you may mow the grass at a higher length, and then lower the blade for a mowing that takes place after a couple of days have passed. A common rule is that you should never cut off more than 1/3 of the length of grass in a single mowing.

Recommended Mowing Heights