Laguna Beach Photographers: Outsource Tasks to Stay on Top of Workflow

A photography business is more difficult to expand than a business that produces widgets. Normally a producer of widgets can simply hire more workers to increase the amount of widgets being produced. Photographers on the other hand are paid for their experience and creativity. This is difficult to outsource to others. Therefore, in order to grow, a photographer needs to outsource those tasks that lend themselves to outsourcing. This will free up his time so he is able to complete more photo shoots. The following is a list of tasks which can be easily outsourced.
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1. Proofing and ordering. There are a number of websites that allow clients to make their orders online. The website owner then deposits the money into he photographer’s account, keeping back a portion because of the fee. While at times this fee can be significant, many photographers feel it is worth the cost to be free of filling out orders and delivering products.

2. Basic editing work. An Orange County photographer may create 2,000+ images when shooting a wedding. A photographer can allow someone else to find the 500 or so best images without losing much control over the creative process. This can be done by using remote computing technology. The photographer can load all of the images that need selecting onto one computer and then contract the work to someone who has Internet access. The contractor will log onto the machine and edit the images at his convenience from anywhere he has Internet access. The photographer need only make sure the computer is free for the contractor to complete his work.

3. Search Engine optimization and other online marketing. A photographer can, using the remote computing concept, have other people post new images to the website, blog and Facebook. The photographer can write a few paragraphs on a prepared form which can be posted with the images. The photographer himself does not need to be involved with the technical parts of posting.

A photography business is unique. It resists expansion because the product is so tied to the professional;