Internet Business Ideas For Blog Marketing

What is a blog? A blog is a short for “web log”,Internet Business Ideas For Blog Marketing Articles it started with people making online journals and allowing the public looking and reading their life. Then it expended and today you can find different blogs on different subjects, personal ones and business ones. In this article You will find some free and easy internet business ideas for blog marketing and ways to earn more money with an online business. What makes blogging so attractive? The main reason is that blogging is free, everyone can use this method, all they need is a computer and an internet connection. Another reason is that blogging is easy. there is nothing to learn here, all you have to know is the basics, copy, paste, insert an image etc. You can have as many blogs as you want, in any topic with no limits. What internet business ideas for blog marketing can you use? Your blog is basically an easy format of a website, the only difference that it is free, there is no hosting fee, however if you do have a website, make your blog an extension of your site and host it, or even better if you will make it your custom domain. By choosing to host your blog on your website you receive all the traffic that comes to your blog and you gain more popularity.

Use your blog to add fresh content to your website, the search engines loves fresh content, keep you website dynamic by adding more pages, blog regularly and the search engines will index you faster. Remember that each post you ad to your blog is a new page on your website. Like in article marketing a blog post is an article, you need to SEO it and make is search engine friendly. Start with a keyword search, choose your keywords and phrases smartly and use them in your text. Use them in the title and at least in the first paragraph of the post. Do not forget to use the keywords and phrases in you anchor text too. Use the anchor text to link back to your website, to your home page or to a deep link in your website. Design your blog and SEO it too. Use your keywords in the blog title and in the blog description. Don’t forget your blog’s sidebar, use the side bar as an advertising platform, put links on it to your website, to articles you wrote and to the affiliate programs you market and the products you sell. Most important is to put your opt-in form on the side bar, your visitor may want to read and hear more from you. One way to make money from your blog is to put AdSense on you blog, on the sidebar and on the main page, you can earn some good money from those adds when your blog become popular. Another way is to sell add spaces, for other to advertise on your blog. Once your blog is set, you need to help and push it a little, use pinging services to alert the RSS readers on a new post, allow your reader to sign up to the blog RSS feed, and offer an email alternative too. Submitting your blog to link directories and the social media marketing sites is another way to advertise it. In conclusion, these are only some internet business ideas for blog marketing, treat your blog as your website, update it on a regular basis, create backlinks from it to your main website and create backlinks to it, all these methods will help you increase your rank and blog popularity and therefor drive more traffic to it and to your website.