Importance of Having a Travel Insurance Before Leaving to Volunteer Abroad

Emergency! Does it ever knocks on your door before arriving? I bet not. People are aware of insurance policies and why they are important to have. Commonest of all is the health/life insurance that people go for, and that too when they are in their home country, living in the safe and known neighborhood of their own city.

However, what many miss out on is the importance of having an insurance policy at the time of traveling abroad. Moving out from the country, traveling to a different land together; things can go either ways, anytime. Been traveling for more than 5 years now, where most of my expeditions involved volunteering work, i have fairly understood the importance of having a proper travel insurance.

So, today, i would like to share my views and reasons to make a travel insurance a must have while taking an international trip;

You may require medical assistance

Majority of volunteering opportunities are available in developing and underdeveloped countries abroad. While you can expect some level of medical facilities in the main cities of any volunteering destination