How To Trace Cell Phone Numbers For Free – Easy and Simple Methods

If you are wondering how to trace cell phone numbers for free, this is the article for you.  While accessing cell phone information is largely something that has to be purchased because of privacy laws, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t ways to get your hands on this information for free.  So, if you would like to learn about a few of them, all you need to do is finish reading the rest of this article.

If you haven’t noticed, tracing mobile phone numbers can be something of a difficult thing to do.  Wireless numbers cannot be found simply by calling Information or looking in a phone book the way landline numbers can be found.  Wireless numbers are not listed in the directories of Information or traditional phone books.  Most of the directories that do allow visitors to trace cell phone numbers charge a fee for the ability to do so.
But if you would like to discover the owner of a wireless number without paying a fee, there are now a few ways you can go about getting the job done.

The first and best free method is to use the Internet as your own personal Information service.  Just get on the website of your favorite search engine and punch in the telephone number you want personal information about.  This will return a plethora of results.  This method may or may not work, but if it does, it is the simplest way to trace a cell phone number without paying a fee.

If the telephone number you are searching is displayed on a publicly viewable page of any business site, social networking site, forum, or any other sort of website, your search should uncover the results you are after.  This explains why users of unlisted mobile numbers sometimes wonder how their personal information was found – even though they know they know their number is not listed with a public phone directory.

However, if your search results produce a long list of incomprehensible pages, you can try to type the telephone phone number into the search bar in a number of different variations.  If you originally typed in the number as “999-999-9999”, you can try change that to “(999)-999-9999”.  If you have changed the number every way you can imagine and are still coming up short, you can try to omit the area code and simply enter the city or state from where the number was issued (if you know this) followed by 7-digit local number.

If searching Google leaves you empty handed, you can always search a site like, which is free cell phone directory.  Information obtained from this database is free but the database itself is very limited in scope.  Nonetheless, it can serve as a good starting point because it will very often inform you of the cellular carrier that issued the number and the city of the caller’s billing address.

If this method still fails to produce results, you can still always gain access to the desired information by checking with the website of a good reverse mobile phone directory.  Just realize that, at the end of the day, what you are trying to find out is still considered private information.  The directories that offer results to anyone that wants to trace a cell phone number only have this ability because they have bought this information from the cellular providers that have issued the searched numbers.