How Private or White Label SEO improves your Services and Increases Profit?

If your company is a web designing company, PR firm or web hosting company, and you are looking for new ways to improve your customer values and increase your profit margin, this write-up on Private Label SEO is only for you.

In today’s digital world, Internet is one of the leading markets and every business wants its place on it. And, SEO is the most important strategy for being among the winners. However, due to constantly changing search engine algorithms, rules and rapidly increasing competition, businesses look for much higher expertise to handle their search marketing strategy.

For the marketing companies which are involved in many other important tasks like web designing, hosting, etc., handling SEO is a huge burden on their shoulders. So they agree that it is better left to the specialist in the industry and this thinking has given rise to Private Label SEO or White Label SEO or SEO reselling.

What is Private Label SEO?

Private label SEO is also known as white label SEO or SEO reselling. It is an arrangement where two companies become partners for the sales and delivery of SEO services and share the profit. Let’s understand it by analogy: there are two companies – company A and company B. Company A is responsible for sales and account management. And, the company B is responsible for performing and delivering SEO services. But the most interesting thing is that the client will never know about the company B because the services will be sold by the name of company B only.

Benefits of Private Label SEO

Here are the benefits of reselling SEO services from a white label SEO provider:

Quality Services: White label SEO provider often has a team of expert professionals who help strengthen the online presence of client’s website. They not only initiate the SEO process for the client, but also monitor and track the website performance against competitors, check the targeted keywords and improve their strategies for getting organic traffic to the client’s website in increased quantity. Utilizing the past experience with multiple similar projects, such providers implement appropriate SEO strategy for building your client’s business reputation. They also know that apart from the client, your business is also at stake, so they leave no errors behind.
Offer Complete SEO Services: Private label SEO service provider always handles both on-page and off page SEO tasks for your client. On-page SEO includes meta tags, titles, image optimization, URL mapping, etc. that is directly done on the original website’s pages. On the other hand, off-page SEO includes SEO practices that are performed on other websites for the original websites. These include: blog submission, directory submission, guest blogging, etc. Doing this for you (being involved in the tasks) may be cumbersome, but private label SEO providers do this efficiently for you. Their staff is ready to provide additional marketing services like E-mail marketing, pay per click (PPC), display advertisement and more.

You can concentrate on Other Important Tasks: Provider handles entire SEO tasks and also the associated technical work on your behalf. So you can concentrate on other aspects of the client business. These include: tracking sales, customer services, project maintenance, providing back-up for client and many more. All this will improve your client’s experience and satisfaction as well relationship with you.
Improves your Brand Value: The best thing about private label SEO provider is that they act as a confidential partner with you. They handle each and everything of internet marketing on your behalf for your client, but stay anonymous. Thus the whole credit goes to your brand only.
Saves Costs and Increase Revenue: With increasing competition on the web, setting up your own SEO team costs you significantly. You need to hire expert staff, train them and apart from these, you have to buy expensive tools and software to align your SEO strategy. But private label SEO providers already have all these settings. All you need is to share a certain amount of profit from the client. It cuts down your SEO cost by 70%, while bringing in more and more revenue.