He Wants You To Be His

There is a girl who is attracted to this guy. And the guy happens to be flirting with her. But the guy has a girlfriend. Now this girl is understandably tempted to entertain him. Perhaps she is wondering if the guy is no longer happy with his current partner. And she may also be hoping that the guy might leave his girlfriend and choose her in the end.

But maybe she should first consider the following. If the guy is truly unhappy with his present partner, should he not break up with her first? Is that not the proper thing to do?

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Before becoming blinded by the prospect of a romantic fantasy of having been chosen by a guy over some other girl, it might be wiser to imagine other very possible scenarios. Some men may not be looking to find a replacement. In fact in many cases the guy will test whether a girl will agree to a “complicated” setup.

Before entertaining the flirtations of a committed guy, the girl should consider carefully whether the guy really wants her to be his. Or does the guy want her to be his… number two? It is this delusion that the guy will leave his lover which often leads to a girl becoming a mistress. When the girl finally becomes attached to this committed guy, it is already too late and it becomes very difficult for her to let go.

Girls should be wary of any committed person showing more than the usual interest or concern, for this might b