Eco-friendly House Cleaning Solutions

Often times in our focus to finish a task quickly and achieve good results without delay, we resort to cleaning solutions that have questionable contains. Some of the products used for cleaning service are dangerous for human health and the environment. There is a link between respiratory diseases, skin irritations and other such unwanted side effects and toxic ingredients in commercial cleaning products.

There is an alternative to such products in the form of natural cleaners. These are solutions that are completely eco-friendly and pose no risk for the environment and human health whatsoever. Let’s see a few examples of them:

Vinegar – white vinegar is titled ‘champion of the all-purpose cleaners’ for a good reason. Mix equal parts of it with water in a spray bottle and you have yourself a solution ready to be used in many areas around your home. This solution can make wonders in the bathroom – the bath tub, sink, showerheads and faucets can all shine thanks to the properties of vinegar that combat soap scum and hardwater deposits. Vinegar can also be effectively used in window cleaning. Many people resort to it when it comes to sanitising floors. Avoid using on wood floors, as the acid component may damage the material. If you have a problem with mould and mildew in your home, vinegar can provide the solution to it.

Lemons and lemon juice – there are many uses to this citrus fruit and its juice you may have never considered before. One such is removing rust and dirt stains, all thanks to the acid component. Much like vinegar, lemon juice can dissolve hardwater deposits in your bathroom or kitchen sink area. If you would like an effective scouring paste, you can mix some lemon juice with baking soda for perfect results. You can disinfect and deodorise your countertops very effectively with lemon juice. Use it to assist in dishwashing or to create good hardwood polish solution with olive oil. If you are worried the trash area of your home is dirty, you can introduce some lemon to it. Run a slice around your bin to sanitise and give it a fresh smell.

Baking soda – baking soda is very effective for scrubbing, which you should always consider when you require a non-abrasive cleaning solution. You can use it to clean the concrete surface of your garage as well. Oil grease and spills normally present some trouble, when it comes to cleaning service, b