Do You Have Heart Failure?

Heart failure is a condition in which a weak or over worked heart doesn’t pump efficiently enough, to adequately supply the body with blood. Usually this occurs because the heart muscle is damaged, and its contractions weaken.

Symptoms of heart failure are;

When the heart becomes weak, blood flow slows and fluid builds up in the heart, lungs, and body tissues while muscles are denied oxygen.

This can result in; Shortness of breath, trouble breathing during activity or rest, a persistent cough or raspy wheezing and breathing, tiredness and fatigue as a result of every day activities, swollen ankles legs or feet, dementia, sudden weight gain due to fluid build up, rapid or irregular beats as the heart tries to compensate for inefficient pumping.

Two life style diseases, that lead to heart attack or heart failure are;
High Cholesterol, and High Blood pressure.

Have you been told that you have high cholesterol, or high blood pressure?
If the answer is yes, you will be concerned. The great news is; high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are reversible .

To reverse these diseases you need to change your life style.
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