Choose Zoysia Grass Seed In Warm Temperature Areas

Planting grass in your yard is one of the best things you can do to raise the value on your home. It changes the appearance of your house, and gives your yard a neat, well groomed look. Buy grass seed according to the area that you live in. For a grass that is thick and strong enough to support the wear and tear of children playing on it, choose zoysia grass seed.

The home of zoysia grass is China and Japan. Because it is a slow growing grass, you don’t have to mow it as much as other types of grass. One nice thing is that it is a perennial grass, meaning that once you sow it, it will re-seed itself, and you will never have to plant it again. It does have two disadvantages. It will continue spreading into flower gardens or the neighbor’s lawn, and some people don’t like its brown winter color.

This type of grass can be planted from seeds or from plugs. The seeds can be planted in late spring or early summer after all possibility of frost is gone. It grows best in temperatures between 80 and 100 degrees. Because it prefers the heat, never plant it in the fall when the weather begins to cool. Zoysia grass is a slow growing grass, so you want to make sure that you plant it early enough to give it a good start before the fall weather sets in.

The best time to plant grass plugs is as soon as the weather reaches 80 degrees, and all danger of frost is over. The plugs need more time to become fully established. Although you run a risk of losing your grass, you can plant later in the summer if the weather stays warm for 6 to 8 weeks after planting.

Zoysia grass turns yellow when the weather becomes cold. Some of the benefits of this grass are that it is the first to turn green in the spring, it is weed free and drought resistant. It is slow growing, but in time it will cover any weeds and other grasses.

Zoysia grass is excellent for baseball and softball fields, golf courses, lawns and parks. Because of the damage that is often caused to the grass on football and soccer fields, it is not recommended. It does like the salt air in places along the coast.