Chimney Contractor – The Resurgence of the Trade

In a fast paced modern world traditional fireplaces were almost phased out in the upsurge of new homes being built as they were rapidly being replaced by pellet stoves or propane or gas fireplaces but the old standby fireplaces never quite died out and went away. There is something authentic about learning the art of lighting a fire, working to get just the right amount of kindling in place and having the success of a fire take.

Flipping a switch to turn on a gas or propane fireplace just isn’t the same thing as getting the spark of a fire the old fashion way. Even a pellet stove as implied by its very name doesn’t quite require the same amount of skill and effort as a fireplace does to get going.

For home owners with older homes that came with the vintage fireplaces the brick pellet fapellet brikett fabrikett relic may not have garnered much attention until the cold days and colder nights of winter set in and the expense of using traditional wall heating units became more daunting.

Before any fireplace is used that has been out of service for awhile it should be checked and examined to ensure it is safe to use before it is put into use. A traditional fireplace is a fairly simple design but any unseen or ignored damages to the structure can result in devastating results if ignored.

A more minor issue is a fireplace with a cracked wall. If your only repair is a cracked wall coupled with a zero clearance fireplace it can be a simple matter to merely replace the firewall. If you have a masonry fireplace another solution can be to add a new layer of brick or stone in front of the existing masonry work but this option will reduce the size of the firebox and lead to potential drafting and smoke problems. A licensed masonry contractor can give your fireplace a visual inspection and advise you on the best plan of action for your particular home.