Blogging Your Way Up the Search Engines

This is especially true of business bloggers,Blogging Your Way Up the Search Engines Articles for whom the blog equals profit and growth. When a blog has higher search engine ranking, it enjoys higher traffic levels as well. And blog traffic is the first step to connecting with your audience, spreading your ideas, and selling your products or services.

Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways a dedicated blogger can increase his or her blog’s search engine visibility for certain phrases. To help you get started along this path to visibility, I’ve put together a list of effective techniques.

1. Blog Daily

Most blog applications save your blog posts as unique web pages. That means if you were to blog daily for a year, you’d essentially have 365 pages of web content. This kind of publishing schedule delivers two things that search engines love — frequently updated content and sheer volume of content.

2. Blog Your Key Phrases

First, use a service like or to research the key phrases your audience is searching to find the kinds of products / services you provide. Next, start blogging about these topics on a regular basis. Keyword-rich content is the foundation of good search engine visibility. Sure, you need to have inbound links to that content (covered below), but it all starts with the content itself.

3. Blog Well

Some people will argue all day about which blogging program is the best. I offer this point on the matter. Which blogging tool you use is not nearly as important as how you use that tool. What you blog about, and how you do it, will determine your overall blogging success. So regardless of technical choices, be sure you add quality content to your blog. This will make people more inclined to read your blog, recommend it to others, link to it, and other things that affect your blog’s visibility.