BLOGGING TIPS – The Ultimate Blogging Tips

21. Stop Putting Tons Of Ads On Your BlogThis is what most people will do. When they found out that they can actually make more money using their blogs. Then they will start putting ads all across their blog. This is not a very good idea. Because when your blog is full of ads,BLOGGING TIPS - The Ultimate Blogging Tips (Part 5) Articles it can be very irritated. You can insert ads, there is no wrong with it. But for all new bloggers, earning money from blog is not a good idea for them. Beginners should concentrate and focus on building up their blog and not merely just focusing on making money from blogs. I’ve also mentioned about this point in my previous post, 10 Common Blogging Mistakes. So you can always read more in my previous post about this matter. I know you want to make money from your blog, me too. But you need to develop your blog first, then only focus on making more money from your blogs.22. Running Out Of Topics?This is also one of the very main factor that people give up in blogging. They cannot find what topic to post anymore.

Now this is not true. You can always be creative, think out of the box. Sometimes you may come across some very nice idea of what to write, but after awhile, you forgot and find that you’ve got nothing to write. So this is what I do, when I come across some nice interesting topics, I will straight away jot it down or memorize in my hand phone. This way, I won’t forgot any interesting topic to post anymore. As for you, you can always have your own way of remembering things though. All you need is to be creative and think out of the box. Sometimes you can also search for information to post about from the internet. However, please don’t simply copy and paste. You will get penalized by the search engine.23. A Very Long Post? Break It Into PartsI’ve come across some post, it is a very long post. But the topic is very interesting, so I start reading it. After awhile, I feel tired and stop reading it. This is what will happen if your blog post is too long. You can always break it into parts. Like what I do in this post. However, I’ve come across a very high trafficked blog, and the author’s opinion is that, he said he don’t even care about what others are saying. He will post whenever he want, and no matter how long the post will goes. Indeed he has got a very good blog with tons of visitors and readers. Its a waste that I forgot to bookmark that blog, or else I can show you here. So for me, I think the best is to break a long post into parts. Sometimes it is very irritated that a post is so long, and it may took lots of time to digest its content.24. Avoid A Very Long HomepageNow, this is also another problem. Some bloggers like to show all of their posts in a single page. Means that they show many posts in their homepage. What you will get is visitors will find your blog too lengthy, and off they go. People are lazy to scroll down so far to read your post. Make sure that you have a moderate number of posts on your homepage. Don’t make your homepage that long, because it has got so much things to load, it will eventually slow down your loading time. Actually The Millionaire Secrets loading time is also consider slow. Maybe is due to the templates, I’m not very sure. So now you know that people hate to scroll down to read a site, thus you must avoid this.25. Be Generous, Give Away StuffsThis is what you can do if you want to attract people in your blog. Honestly, there are many ways you can attract people to your blog or catch up more readers. One of the way is giving away free stuffs. Of course, I don’t mean to give away physical stuffs though. If you give away physical stuff then you will have to deal with all the shipping process which is very irritating. What you can give away for free then? This is a blog, so what do people like the most? Links and reviews. These two are just examples, there are still many more if you are creative to think for it. Review works great. I’ve seen this in many people’s blog. Here is an example, I’ve seen some blogs that having competition, asking readers to drop quality comments, and the one who leave the most comments win. The prize will be a review of the winner’s blog or site in the author’s blog. Great idea isn’t it? Therefore I always said that you must be creative and think out of the box. You can try to do so as well.