Banner Stands

The main aim of advertising is to project your product before the potential customers in an effective manner, update information on the product easily and in a timely way. One cost effective and efficient way to advertise your product is to use banner stands.

Banner stands are portable, flexible structures carrying colorful graphic images used for advertising. The graphics and the message can be changed frequently as the need arises. Banner stands are versatile and can be used to light up exhibitions, trade shows, retail displays, showrooms and business gatherings.

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

Banner stands are useful in trade shows. The same set of stands used for one display can be used for a subsequent display in a matter of minutes because the new banner stands can change graphics in no time.

In retail shops, banner stands with promotional messages are often positioned at the entrance of the shop. For retailing, it is critical to attract impulsive shoppers. Research reveals that on premise business advertisements and signs increases the customer\’s inclination to buy products.

In addition to being flexible and portable, the banner stands of today come with high color graphics and photographic quality images thanks to changes in sign making technology. Therefore, even small companies are able to use banner stands with high quality visuals.

Basic types of banner stands are roll-up, pole, and counter top and outdoor. Rollup, also called retractable banners are similar to a portable movie screen. The displays have a recoil mechanism that allows the banner to be rewound into the base of the banner stand. These banner stands are easy to set up and the graphics are protected while transporting as they are rewound into the base. They are heavier and more expensive.