6 Email Marketing Trends That Will Shape the Software Industry in 2020.

Email marketing occupies a funny space in our digital marketing tool kit. For years there have been the naysayers, repeatedly calling it ‘dead’. As long ago as 2010, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg declared that email “is probably going away”. Yet here we are. We’re in a world where email marketing is more important than ever.

However, this statement isn’t enough by itself. If we think of email marketing along the 2010 lines then yes, it’s dead. Marketing as a whole has undergone such momentous changes over the last few years that no element of it reflects its old-self.

Email marketing is the same. It is still highly relevant. 2019 has seen the scales tip: now more than 50% of the world’s population use email. Given that we know that email marketing brings in more in terms of ROI than any other marketing channel, we’d be fools to ignore its power. But, it’s only relevant when we embrace how it is adapting. That’s why we assert that these are the 6 email marketing trends which will shape the software industry in 2020.

1. Branding Really Matters
We are no strangers to the power of branding. There’s good reason why we have made branding central to the Omnia approach to marketing. It’s because in the highly-visual highly-connected digital world, branding matters more than ever.

It’s our belief that this will become even more the case in 2020. More and more there is seamless integration between marketing channels. These aren’t different people you’re communicating with in different ways: these are the same people, coming at you from different angles. That means you branding needs to be bullet-proof and unwaveringly consistent.

That’s a tough thing to achieve in many ways. If your business is managing multiple marketing channels which range from email marketing to Facebook PPC, how do you achieve consistency?

It all starts with a rock-solid understanding of your brand identity throughout your business. Once this message is successfully communicated to everyone, you’ll have some spot-on brand guidelines which can be stuck to like glue – by everyone.

For those in the software industry this is actually good news. Your brand is so integral to your success and you know that software can often provide the solutions. For example, clever email marketing software will enable you to use brand-centred templates and allow you to build email campaigns around your brand identity, not the other way around.

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How to respond to this trend:

Go in to 2020 with your branding in order. We’re on hand to help you with the complete branding cycle, including its importance across all channels including email marketing. Start from your brand and work forwards to build loyalty.

2. Testing is Getting Supercharged
When it comes to email marketing, it’s possible to get lost in some jargon. However, within the software industry, you are not strangers to split testing. With email marketing it’s been necessary for a while, but from 2020 we will see it become more and more important.

However, software is the solution here. Split A/B testing isn’t difficult when it comes to email marketing as long as you’re using the right tech. It allows you to pull out the different variables of campaigns so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

This really matters if you want to benefit from those email marketing stats about ROI. ROI with email marketing isn’t a given, it has to be worked for.

How to respond to this trend: