10 Mobile Learning Trends to Adopt in 2020 – To Drive Employee Performance and Behavioral Change

According to a survey by the Brandon Hall Group, Mobile Learning now features among the top three business development priorities for companies and ranks only behind the need for seamless business alignment and improved data mining.

Loved by learners for the flexibility and control it offers, Mobile Learning is now the dominant mode for online training delivery.

Its widespread adoption (across varied corporate trainings across different industry verticals) is reflected in the fact that we now use the terms eLearning and Mobile Learning interchangeably.
This is not all – it resonates with diverse learner profiles, the multi-generational workforce that is a typical characteristic across most organizations today.

Mobile Learning in 2020
2020 marks the acceleration in its adoption as it moves from being a “good to have” to a “must have” option. As L&D teams step up the adoption of Mobile Learning in 2020, I share my list of Mobile Learning Trends you should adopt in 2020. However, before I list the trends, I want to highlight the changing learner and business expectations and how you can use various trends to meet them.

I use this lens (changing learner and business expectations) to make my recommendations. Additionally, I share tips on Mobile Learning Trends you must adopt in 2020 that will help you address what modern learners want and what business units seek.

The Changing Learner and Business Expectations

Modern learners do not like the traditional training formats that tend to be prescriptive and often mandated by L&D teams. They are typically “pushed” through an LMS with a focus on tracking. Let’s look at the changing learner expectations.

What Modern Learners Want

Modern learners want training to be easily accessible and one that can be “pulled” by them.
It also needs to sync with their lifestyles.
They should have the control on when, how much, and at what pace they can consume the training.
They want on-demand and instant access to training.
They want L&D teams to focus on not only the Formal or structured training but also on the supporting training that includes avenues for just-in-time training, learning aids they can draw upon as and when needed.
What Business Units Seek

Alongside the changing expectations of learners, there are increased expectations from businesses on the ROI of the training investment. They want the training effectiveness and impact to be measured to ascertain how it impacted the key business KPIs.

Here are my recommendations on Mobile Learning Trends you should adopt in 2020. The

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Wrecker Service
Roadside Assistance
Mobile Mount Balance
Mobile Tire Repair
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Locked Out Assistance

y will help you address what modern learners want and what business units seek.

Mobile Learning Trend #1 in 2020
Mobile Learning will be used extensively to address a majority of corporate training needs.

Tips to leverage this Mobile Learning Trend in 2020: Mobile Learning solutions enable learners to take the training seamlessly across devices. You can offer an entire spectrum of corporate trainings in this format now.

This gives learners the flexibility to consume it when they want to, move learning sessions across devices, and align it to their individual learning pace. As a result, you will see higher engagement, better completion rates, and more learners going back to review and refresh the learning resources.