1-Hour Payday Loans: The Fax Free Answer to Getting Cash – Fast

We can never be sure when an emergency situation will crop up. But what we can be sure of is that it will place considerable pressure on us when it does. This is especially true when the situation is financial. Getting your hands on the necessary cash quickly is often essential, which is why 1-hour payday loans are hailed as a life savior.The reason why a payday loan, approved in 1 hour, should be so desperately needed can range from medical bills after an unexpected accident to the surprise arrival of a final notice on your mortgage.Little surprise then that some lenders offer guaranteed faxless payday loans to applicants in this kind of position. There are several advantages to getting this type of loan, but also some disadvantages that should be kept in mind by an applicant.Payday Loans ExplainedAs the name suggests, a payday loan refers to a loan given until the next payday. By extension, a 1-hour payday loan is a loan that is approved in just 1 hour, making it the fastest loan available. As a result, there is quite a high demand for them, despite some of the negative aspects of the transaction.These loans are issued on the basis that it will be


repaid when the next pay check is received by the borrower. The fact that is possible to get a payday loan approved in 1 hour is a huge positive, but approval can still only be secured if the borrower can prove that there is sufficient income to cover the loan repayment.Once proof of income is received, it effectively means guaranteed faxless payday loans are there for the taking. There is little credence given to credit scores, since the loan is usually repaid in one go.Advantages of a Payday LoanBesides the obvious advantage of speed associated with a 1-hour payday loan, there are some others that suggest it is a wise move. In the case of a financial emergency, speed is the most important thing, but even when there is no emergency, these loans are highly valuable.First of all, these loans are quite easy to get, since getting a payday loan approved in 1 hour suggests there is little chance of being rejected, as long as the basic criteria is met. Key criteria include proof of age (over 18), proof of citizenship (of US), proof of income and, lastly, bank details to an active account.Because guaranteed faxless payday loans are small, ranging from just $100 to $1,500, it is a relatively easy task to repay them in full. This means that the credit score of the borrower will improve, thereby helping the borrower towards larger loans with better terms.Disadvantages of a Payday LoanOf course, there are some disadvantages associated with 1-hour payday loans too, not least the rate of interest that is charged. Thankfully, because the term of the loan is so short the amount of interest paid is low, but still, a loan of $1,000 may require repayment in full of $1,200 after 30 days.Another disadvantage is that the loan needs to be repaid in full when the next paycheck arrives. While a payday loan approved in 1 hour is the solution those in need of emergency funds are after, the loan is designed to provide only what is already coming.Clearly, guaranteed faxless payday loans have their drawbacks, but in the face of an emergency, they can be accepted. And just like every loan, shopping around online for the best deals can mean a 1-hour payday loan truly is the best and fastest answer to cash needs.